image of the people siting of 3 benches in a garden.

of care

in c/o: Black women (in care of Black women) invites individuals to collaboratively regenerate vacant spaces as sites of care.

sites of care are evolving spaces stewarded and regenerated by communities.

we are guided by the questions:

image of a person cutting a big piece of wood.

what does it mean to build a site of care?

what do we need to build a site of care?

care as

The project brings together writers, curators, farmers, mamas, dancers, organizers, teachers, cultural producers, youth, and visual artists, to collectively exhume the (in)visibility of care for Black women.

By constructing functionally designed sculptural objects, cultivating land, archiving and documenting histories, and curating exhibitions and public programs, this cooperative community exemplifies how communities can repair and reactivate their eco-systems while navigating agency over neglected spaces. ☼

Upcoming Programming

tending to, on view: at The
Breathing Room Garden

(5045 S. Laflin)

in c/o: Black
women celebration

Sept. 16th, 6:30-9pm

in c/o: practice
Sept. 25th - Nov. 11th
(The Luminary, St. Louis, Missouri)

upcoming programming / tending to, on view: at The Breathing Room Garden located at 5045 S. Laflin ~ in c/o: Black women celebration, Sept. 16th, 6:30-9pm ~ in c/o: practice, Sept. 25th - Nov. 11th at The Luminary, St. Louis, MO